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Interactive Science is really important for kids to explore and see things in action before they could start learning them for exams. Without interactive science and simulations, it's q quite demanding task to explain students and especially kids how to do all those things in their syllabus actually work in real life, how important are interactives, why and how they work, everything we are going to discuss at this website.
This interactive site deals with different kind of educational resources for students and teachers. It has a collection of science simulations that can help teachers to explain things to their students in a more comprehensive way. Interactive science also contains notes of different subjects for Azad Jammu and Kashmir students who study course of Mirpur Board AJK. 

A database of science simulations includes stuff related to "Physics", "Chemistry", "Maths" and "Biology".

Our mission is to explain things clearly to our students and get them caught up at the topics that have been a bug over the years now. It's because we've been cutting corners and love relying on theories just rather than concepts, that sounds quite odd.So let's just stop clowning around and make sure we've both feet on the ground by analyzing things and drawing mental road-maps in light of theories. Interactive science can really work wonder. Anyone who has had a tough time understanding concepts behinds the topics of mentioned subjects can take help from the blog. Interactives at different topics provide you simulations where you can perform things and see them working.

Thanks for visiting our blog and do let us know if you want anything that you want us to change. We'll always appreciate your contribution. At the same time, if you find anything interesting then make sure to share with other guys too via social networks.

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