How to make my study plan

To make an effective study plan, you need to work smarter, not harder. You just need right tools, right strategies at right time for the right tasks. And this fact should be adopted in daily life especially in the life of students who has rather been a part of competition or suffering to get through.

 When I say “work smarter’, what does it actually mean?

It means you need to really plan your approach, make your mindset about things you’re going to tackle, cook up some solid plan to get things done and then make them happen actually. In simple words, when you are having a hard time getting through some work, then first you need to find your weakness, then let yourself know whether or not you can get over it, if yes, then what procedure do you need to put in. Once you recognize yourself and succeed in creating a kind of pattern for your work, just stick to your plan and do not give in until you’re home. In contrary to it, if you come across a kind of task or duty that seems like a hard pill to swallow, then I recommend you to get back to the drawing board, analyze some old works related to your field to see what specific steps you could take. Though this procedure might not give perfection to your work, I mean any port in a storm.

As my topic is confined to students’ plan their studies and timetable and especially those who are a kind of chickened out of their exams, have no idea where and how to start final exams preparations. For those students, I recommend them to make use of old papers of last 5 years if not more than that because it has been seen that questions often remains the same with the possibility of around 60%. Now you might wonder what if things do not get repeated, do you? The answer is quite simple, it is better to have something rather than nothing, as you’d almost given up.

Steps for Smarter Work in final exams

Collect Old Papers
Collect old papers of the relevant subject. You can do it online or offline depending on your region and let me tell you don’t forget to give importance to old papers of regions that are close to yours because exam board usually keep interchanging questions.

Analyze and ignore low-priority items
Once you’ve collected them, just sit tight and analyze them. Start creating your study plan by elimination method. Make a list of important chapters or to be more precise, a list of topics.

Work around your Study Plan
You’ll surely see a clear pattern of questions that give you an idea of important and least important chapters. For example, in mathematics papers of grade 9th and 10th, first two long questions always come from first four chapters. Now let me tell you what you need to do to move on.

As you see that pattern giving you a message that you need to spend more time on just first four chapters. If you’ve done them well, there is no way you can fail in the exam as every question, having 2 parts, contains 8 marks. That’s an essential method to prepare for your finals if you’ve not been good right through the year. In our pattern of papers, you’re supposed to do 3 long question where the third one belongs to theorems in the case of mathematics. Here you can prepare just one chapter of theorems as old papers also help you create a study plan for them too, I’m damn sure about it and this is the best way to study for a test and get ready for finals.

Now apart from long questions, there are three sections of short ones. And every chapter of mathematics contributes usually 2, at times 3, questions in a paper. If you cannot figure out conceptual ones, then you don’t need to worry yet, every section contains three to four definitions that you obviously learn by heart, I’m sure you would love to.

Make Study Timetable
 Now when you’ve everything in your hand, just create a kind of habit in the form of study plan and force yourself to commit the action on your plan every day. I call it the habit because if you keep working on your study timetable for around 30 days, it becomes a habit. To create a study plan, you can take help from various websites online as there are tons of data over it.

Above, I restricted myself to Mathematics study plan only, it’s just an example and you can try this method for other subjects too. My purpose is just to give an idea to work around things rather than spending hours on them, just work smarter and cook up some solid study plans which could make you feel better at the end of the day.


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